The right hard wax for the job

Looking for the right hard wax can be a troublesome task without checking around. Luckily the web is great resource for finding lots of info on different waxes. Price quality and availability are some things to consider when picking the right one also. Starpil is a brand that has been around for many years and it seems like they know their wax. The blue hard wax has become one of the favorites because of the popularity in the service of the bikini waxing. Lots of Brazilian clients and aesthetics prefer this variety due to this being the type of wax they used back in Brazil.

blue hard wax

Price is one of the main reasons people are looking for the right wax for the job. Rises in the cost of the ingredients to manufacture the wax went up in late 2011 making 2012 a years for the market to be tested. Many companies took this opportunity to switch supplier because of the price hike.

Starpil has always kept the same price despite the changes in the market which is another plus. Most companies count on their suppliers to not change the price mid year or at all.

Hopefully the information provided helps in your decision making process.

heres a direct link to the page where you can buy starpils blue hard wax online now.

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Great wax at great prices wholesale

Here’s a great link to a site I found online that sell wax products online at wholesale direct prices. I have searched all over but have yet to find a company offering lower prices on wholesale hard wax. I have done lots of research on the web and they seem to have been in business for many years so it looks like a sure thing ordering from them. The selection of hard wax they have is quite large offering lots of the varieties in the market today.

wholesale hard wax

When I have asked before estheticians have said that it’s important to not change the color of the wax you are working with because they might get the client thinking you switched wax and this can lead them walking out the door.  So in conclusion I would give this wax a try and I actually did and it did very well.  Not to mention I am spending a little more than half what I was spending when I was ordering with my other hard wax supplier.

When you compare the level of service they offer to others you will be sure to keep them as you main distributor of hard wax.

Here’s a direct link to their site.